Parted Magic ISO 2017.06.12 Full (A Package of Utilities)

By | June 13, 2017

Parted Magic ISO 2017 is a bundle of Utilities that are perfect for hard disk management. All services in this packages are powerful in nature. It is a bundle of powerful tools for your home and business. It is ultimate Hard disk administration tool. Parted Magic USB can also be created with this package. You can use this awesome service to perform many days today hard drive related jobs. It is the perfect time saver. It also provides you the safety of your data as well as your precious time. It can be used to perform many tasks on the partition without losing data. You can create the copy of existing partition. You can Move particular drive and also can resize your existing drives without loose of data and in few clicks. It can create space for new installation of the operating system in particular drive. It can increase and decrease the size of root drive which is C:.

Parted Magic 2017 is better than the Parted Magic 2016 because in latest version there is bundle of new updates. You can perform data recovery with the help of this incredible tool, and its data recovery is considered as the best data recovery. It can tune up your hard disk to get high performance on your computer. It has utilities that are specifically generated for hard drive health and with the use of those utilities you can perform the different type of tasks. These services increase the life of your hard disk and also provide an excellent performance of hard disk to the users. It is the very simple utility which has step by step wizard to guide. Its interface is so many users friendly.
Partitioning utility
It has best utilities regarding disk partition; you can move, resize, shrink and copy partition without data loss. It is excellent service, and no Parted Magic Alternative can perform such a fantastic task.
Recovery of Data
First of all, you do not need to worry about data lost because Parted Magic Secure Erase provide excellent service regarding erasing any data but if it has been lost then do not worry at all. It has great recovery console that will help you to generate multiple tasks of successful data recovery at a time.

Clone creation:
You can create the clone of a partition for future use. It stores the data of that partition in a clone file which can be restored in future for use.
Parted Magic Secure Erase:
It has great ability to erase data according to your need. You do not need to create whole drive you can select only free space and such type of parameters to explain accurately.
Stand alone!:
It did not require any installation because it is the independent utility.
Parted Magic Linux:
Parted Magic SSD is also available for a Linux which makes it more versatile software

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