The Best Quality Fence System For Your Dog (Pet):

Safe and secured boundary zone and space for your beloved pets are the must-having concern for each pet owner. Naturally, dogs are preying creatures so, if they have no safe confines there is great chance for them to stray and be at hazard from vehicles, other animals, or people.Fence System For Your Dog

No one can want to experience that their pet comes through something happening. Consequently, it is essential to keep them in the safe and secure boundary of your yard. If have not created the boundary yet like your dogs to stay within certain specific region or outside, having a wireless dog fence would be a good decision for you and your dog.

A Wireless Dog Fence:

A system designed to keep your pet or other domestic animals within a set of predefined boundaries without any physical fence is a wireless pet fence. This fence system can create a circular boundary around the central base station, a transmitter, by the help of radio signal.

A wireless dog fence is portable, you can carry it with you everywhere you want or go. In addition, it is extremely easy to operate and set up anywhere.

How it works?

An invisible fence has ability to create a circular range boundary around the transmitter, by using the radio waves. As a result, the receiver collar receives the signal sent by base station and avoids the dog from reaching or crossing the boundary limits. It is quite easy to install the entire system. If once you have installed and set up the boundary range, you can place the collar on your dog’s neck. Make it sure that the contact points sit on the pets’ neck skin accurately.

The wireless fence comes with a number of static correction levels, to control your dog and prevent them from leaving the invisible boundary. These signals are tone-only mode or minor harmless shocks, which do not punish your pet, but interrupt your dog’s behavior when it tries to cross the limit.

Some pet owners are keen to specific static correction shocks while some are not. So, after the initial period of training using static shocks when your dog learns his boundary, you can adjust to tone-only mode. This mode gives you just an audible alert instead of static correction.

This wireless fence system of correction can be protected with flags by placing the at the boundary edges to offer your dog a visual sense of boundary.

Benefits & Concerns:

Less expensive – There are many advantages of a best wireless dog fence; the first one is the cost. Regardless to the physical/visible boundary fence, a wireless fence system is extremely inexpensive, saves your money. Whether the visible fences are made of wood or metal are expensive.

Easy to operate & set up – another benefit of the wireless fence system is its ease to operate, it means you can create and adjust the coverage area easily. Now, there is no need to dig out or bury wires underground, as well as, does not destruct look of your garden.

Portable & Durable – the wireless system is portable, while the visible fence are fixed, you cannot bring them with you. Being wireless, this system is durable as it is not affected by rainy or foggy climates.


The only drawback to this system is that several factors like metal box, landscapes, or terrain may interrupt the signals.

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